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Create and improve awareness of learning and communication difficulties
Img - Professional Development Program

Professional Development Program

Get a working understanding of major learning disabilities and communication disorders

This Professional Development Programme (PDP) is being offered in response to repeated request by those who wish to learn more about learning and communication disabilities.

The programme is therefore designed to provide a working understanding of major (a) learning disabilities such as reading or writing disorders or difficulties with basic maths; and (b) communication disorders such as language delay or disorders, speech or fluency disorders etc.

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Img - Trainings & Awareness Creation

Trainings & Awareness Creation

Creating and Provide Awareness of learning and communication difficulties

Fana-Ethiopia’s major focus has always been raising awareness of our community of learning and communication difficulties. We do this through awareness creation trainings and campaigns. The trainings are mainly for school teachers and school administrators, parents, and government officials from relevant ministries. The campaigns are mainly meant for the community in general.

In 2017, about 1221 of teachers received trainings(including the once from private schools), 927 of whom were female.

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Img - Service Provision

Service Provision

Providing direct help and support at our center to those with learning and communication difficulties

Another component of our work is direct help and support we provide at our center to those with learning and communication difficulties. Some of our roles are doing assessment, devising individualized intervention programmes, follow-ing up progress, and measuring outcome.

In order to reach out to those children who don't have access to come to our center we started training parents care givers/teachers to provide the support the children need.

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Img - Socio Economic Support

Socio Economic Support

Influencing change to help individuals affected by these difficulties

Even though supporting students with economic difficulties is not our objective, we believe that going that extra mile and supporting such students is indeed rewarding.

We provide scholastic materials and assistive devices to children with disabilities in the center as well as in the targeted schools.

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