Holistic Child Development

Early Childhood Care & Education
Fana-Ethiopia is devoted to empowering children with learning, communicative and IDDs via our Integrated Child Care Model, a child-friendly, family-focused and community-based approach aimed not only at providing education, health care, nutrition, sanitation, and psychosocial support but also ensures the environment surrounding the child are safe, healthy and sustainable so that the child blossom in good health, adequate nutrition, opportunities for early learning and social relationship skills.


School material and after school tutorial support; preparation of assessment and intervention manuals, videos, children’s books; awareness creation and technical trainings for schoolteachers and parents

Health Care

Centre-based assessment, intervention, and follow-up services; wheelchair, sight glass, hearing aid, walking cane support; referral service; health/disability awareness training for medical workers

Nutrition Support

Nutrition allowance for guardians; food-for-therapy service at the centre

Life Skill Training

Providing training on social relationship by a trained professional social worker

Play isn't another thing to do. It is another way to do things
Play and learning are like the two wings of a butterfly-one can't exist without the other

Learning via play

Fana-Ethiopia aims to build a future where learning through play empowers children with learning, communicative and IDDs become creative, engaged, and lifelong learners. Children with disabilities thrive through learning and Fana-Ethiopia ensures this with following activities:

Facilitating developmentally appropriate, custom made and stimulating play materials that help the child fuel curiosity and sparks creativity.

Training and supporting school, parents, and the community in advocating and lobbying learning through play