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Support For Parents

Support for parents who have a child with a learning and/or communication difficulties

Generally, if you have a child with a learning and/or communication difficulty, the most important thing you, as a parent, can do is to be understanding and supportive.
Support for Parents

Helping your child at home

Once the difficulties of your child have been identified, we provide you with helpful materials which can use at home to help your child progress with his literacy and communication skills.

Our language-specific resources together open source on-line materials will help you overcome your child’s problems.

For example, most successful dyslexics attribute their success to a crucial someone who believed in them when they were struggling in childhood. Don’t blame or put pressure on your child for not achieving. Explain to them that their learning difficulty such as dyslexia is a real physical condition, like deafness or having to wear glasses. Similarly, if your child has communication difficulties (i.e., speech and/or language difficulties), you need to try to explain the issue.

In the case of specific learning difficulties (dyslexia), usually, the diagnosis in itself relieves them enormously because it shows that they are NOT stupid or lazy. Praise your child for their effort as well as achievement. Encourage areas in which they can feel successful, such as creative work (e.g. verbal storytelling), modelling, hobbies or sports. Be flexible about your hopes for their choice of career. Encourage them by telling them about all the highly successful dyslexics.

It is important to explain your worries to your child’s teacher. If the teachers are aware of your child’s difficulties, they will be able to teach the child much more effectively. Also, you should get in contact with us and other organisation providing advice and support.

NB: Information sheets and other documents are produced in Amharic and we are working to translate them into other languages. Once the documents are all translated and ready for use, they will be uploaded here. So, keep checking our site, or call us (leave your name and contact details) and we will be able to tell you when it is ready.


  • Helping your child at home by your self
  • We provide you with helpful materials which you can use at home
  • Give training for teachers to be aware of your child’s difficulties