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Support For Adults

Support for adults who have dyslexia, difficulty in learning and enjoying the school environment

It is not uncommon for adults to realise that learning difficulty is a possibility for them, when they re-start education or training, change job or get promoted, etc.

Professional Assessment by Dr. Abebayehu

Assessment is often the first step in supporting adults with learning difficulties. This is because, particularly in the case of adults who left school, these individuals may not have known why they left school or why they were struggling at school—i.e., the individuals might have left school without a diagnosis of their learning disability being given or a reason for their difficulties being recognized.

What is next?

After assessment, the person’s strength and weakness in linguistic and literacy skills will be identified and, based on the identified difficulties, the support will be devised to suit the person’s particular needs.

For adults in education, training and those in higher education, we work with institutions to provide training and support to teachers who carry out the appropriate assessment and provide the relevant support.

For adults with Communication difficulties

Similar procedures will be followed to support adults with speech/language/communication difficulties. Again the first step is to carry out thorough assessment and examine the speech and language profiles of the individual concerned. Once the diagnosis is done, then the support and intervention will be directed towards the areas that require management.

If you think that you need our help, we are happy to help! All you need to do is call us or email us and book an appointment.  But please note that in order to book an appointment for assessment or advice you need to call us or email us well in advance.

NB: information sheets and other documents are produced in Amharic and we are working to translate them into other languages. Once the documents are all translated and ready for use, they will be uploaded here. So, keep checking our site, or call us (leave your name and contact details) and we will be able to tell you when it is ready.


  • Support adults with speech/language/communication difficulties
  • For adults in education or training and those in higher education we work with institutions to provide training and support to teachers
  • Support will be devised to suit the person’s particular needs after professional assessment is performed