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Our Mission

Our Mission & Vision

The vision of FAILCD is “Working in partnership with all concerned bodies to realise a nation where learning and communication difficulties do not prevent individuals from achieving their full potentials”.
  • Mission Statement

    This vision is being pursued through our mission statement, which states that “FAILCD is a professional registered non-profit NGO committed to support and empower individuals with learning and communication difficulties and improve their quality of life and enhance their participation and contribution towards poverty reduction and nation building.”

  • Mission Implementation

    We implement our mission by encouraging, networking and collaboration with all concerned bodies such as the primary beneficiaries, i.e., children with the difficulties concerned, their parents and teachers, schools, organizations having similar agenda, ministry of education, media, research centers, inter alia.

Genral Objective

Our general objective is to create and improve awareness of learning and communication difficulties and provide support and train professionals to be able to assess and manage children with the difficulties in question. Some of our specific objectives include:

disseminating information about learning and communication difficulties,

providing support and advice to students with learning and communication difficulties,

devising language-specific assessment protocols,

training teachers to assess and handle children with learning and communication difficulties,

following up, preventing wrong diagnosis,

evaluating outcome following assessment and intervention,

consulting with stakeholders other than school teachers and parents,

e.g., ministry of education, higher institutions, etc. on how to improve the school systems in order to accommodate children with learning and communication difficulties.

So, we are a charity that takes action to change lives by

offering help and support direct to children

empowering others so that they can help those affected by learning and communication difficulties

influencing change to help individuals affected by these difficulties

Our targets are mainly schoolchildren with learning and communication difficulties and they are identified/selected based on assessment procedures that are widely used worldwide.

In order to pick up children who may not know that they have learning difficulties, group assessments are carried out and children with possible learning and communication difficulties will be identified from the groups. The, more detailed assessments are be carried to confirm initial obsrvations.